Rectilinear Figures – Definition with Examples

What is a Rectilinear Figure? 

In geometry, a rectilinear figure can be defined as a plane figure or shape all of whose sides meet at right angles.The interior angle at each vertex of a rectilinear is 90 degrees (90°) or 270 degrees (270°). 

Here, for instance, are a few irregular polygons that classify as rectilinear figures. 

Rectilinear figures shapes irregular right polygons
Fun Facts
– A rectilinear figure is often called hole-free because its boundary is single continuous and has no holes.

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Rectilinear figures are oh-so neat!
At right angles, all its sides meet!

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Instead of handing out colouring rectilinear figures worksheets, show your child pictures of different objects. Ask them to identify the objects in which they can see rectilinear figures and further justify their answers.  

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