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    Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum: A Comprehensive Guide

    Are you considering homeschooling your kindergarten child? You’re not alone! Many parents, just like you, are taking charge of their little one’s education, embracing the wonders of homeschooling. As your child’s first teacher, you can shape their early learning experiences and create a strong foundation for their future.

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    Why Consider Homeschooling for Kindergarten? You might be wondering why many parents homeschool at the kindergarten level. Well, it’s about personalization! Homeschooling allows you to tailor the curriculum to suit your child’s unique interests and learning style. No rigid schedules or one-size-fits-all approaches here! Instead, you can create a warm, nurturing environment where your child thrives.

    Now, you might be thinking, “Where do I start? What curriculum is best for my little one?” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we will explore various kindergarten homeschool curriculum options, each with its charm and advantages.

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    7 Types of Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

    Mother homeschooling her two kids

    Just like every child is unique, so is how they love learning! In this section, we’ll explore various simple kindergarten curriculum options, each designed to inspire and engage young minds. Let’s discover the perfect fit for your child’s learning odyssey, from online resources to nature-based adventures, literature-inspired journeys, and traditional wonders.

    1. Online Kindergarten Curriculum

    In today’s digital age, the internet offers many educational resources at your fingertips. Online kindergarten curriculum options bring interactive lessons, engaging videos, and quizzes into your home. It’s like having a virtual classroom with a world of knowledge. Here are some of the best options:



    SplashLearn provides an innovative and interactive play-based homeschool curriculum for kids in PrekGrade 5. It offers fun learning experiences with real-time feedback and a personalized approach. This dynamic platform adapts to each child’s learning style and pace, making it the perfect tool for early education at home.

    Why You Should Choose SplashLearn as Your Kindergartener’s Homeschool Support:

    • Comprehensive Toolkit: SplashLearn offers a rich mix of games, printable worksheets for math, reading, and early skills such as fine motor, problem-solving skills tailored for kindergarteners.
    • Personalized Learning: The platform adapts to each child’s abilities and pace, ensuring engaging and effective lessons.
    • Progress Tracking: Parents can easily track their child’s learning progress, even during independent study.
    • Parental Support: The platform provides essential resources and guides for homeschooling parents, enhancing the homeschooling experience.

    Teach Them Diligently

    Teach them diligently

    Teach Them Diligently offers a play-based curriculum emphasizing character development and biblical principles while engaging children in playful learning experiences. Their Christ-centered approach fosters both academic and spiritual growth in kindergarten learners. 



    ABCMouse provides an engaging play-based homeschool curriculum for kindergarteners. It offers interactive activities and games that make learning fun for young learners. With a wide range of subjects and a child-friendly interface, it fosters essential skills in a playful manner.



    Time4learning is an online learning platform that offers comprehensive lessons in a simple and engaging format. It provides interactive activities, educational games, and multimedia content to facilitate learning. With its structured curriculum, parents can track progress and customize lessons to suit their child’s needs. 



    As an excellent choice for homeschooling, IXL provides an effective online curriculum for kindergarten. Through personalized learning, kids can practice math, language arts, science, and more. Clear explanations and real-time feedback help children build confidence and skills at their own pace.

    Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggs

    Engage your kindergartener with an exciting online homeschool curriculum that focuses on reading and language development using games and lessons to enhance literacy skills. Interactive quizzes and a reward system make learning enjoyable and boost children’s reading abilities.

    Educationcom offers a kindergarten homeschool curriculum with engaging worksheets, games, and activities. It covers essential subjects like math, reading, and science, ensuring a fun and educational learning experience for young learners.

    Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids provides a free homeschool curriculum for kindergarten with interactive lessons and videos. Children can explore early literacy, math, and social-emotional learning, helping them develop important skills at their own pace.

    PBS LearningMedia

    pbs learningmedia

    PBS LearningMedia offers a comprehensive kindergarten homeschool curriculum, featuring educational videos, games, and printable materials. Kids can dive into various subjects, including art, music, and language arts, while enjoying enriching content from trusted PBS programs.

    2. Nature-based Kindergarten Curriculum

    Oaks and Meadow

    Oaks and Meadow

    Oaks and Meadow provides a nature-based homeschool curriculum for kindergarteners that encourages outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, and eco-friendly crafts. It covers topics like plants, animals, and the beauty of the natural world.

    Blossom and Root

    Blossom and Root Homepage Screenshot

    Blossom and Root provides an engaging nature-based homeschool curriculum for kindergarteners with gentle academics and outdoor adventures. It aims to foster creativity, an understanding of nature, and a love for learning.

    3. Literature-based Kindergarten Curriculum

    Open the pages of a captivating storybook, and watch your child’s imagination take flight! Literature-based curriculum revolves around the magic of books, where reading becomes an adventure. Your little one will explore new worlds, meet exciting characters, and develop a lifelong love for reading.



    Sonlight offers literature-rich curriculum packages that incorporate engaging books and stories for kindergarten learners. It encourages a love for reading and fosters a solid foundation in language arts, social studies, and science, making learning enjoyable and meaningful for children.



    BookShark presents a literature-based homeschool curriculum for kindergarten kids, designed to inspire a lifelong passion for reading. With carefully selected books and enriching materials, it covers essential subjects like language arts, history, and science, nurturing young minds through engaging and imaginative learning experiences.

    Before Five in a Row

    Before Five in a Row

    Before Five in a Row provides literature-based learning experiences for preschool and kindergarten kids, centered around classic children’s books. It promotes early literacy and fosters curiosity through gentle, age-appropriate stories. This curriculum sets the stage for future learning by exploring key themes and concepts, sparking the imagination of young learners.

    4. Traditional Kindergarten Curriculum

    Sometimes, a classic approach can be just what you’re looking for. Traditional curriculum covers essential subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies. It provides a structured learning experience, ideal for parents seeking a familiar and time-tested method.

    McGraw-Hill “Wonders”

    mcgraw hill wonders

    McGraw-Hill “Wonders” is designed to classically develop language and literacy skills. It emphasizes essential reading and writing techniques through carefully selected materials and classic teaching methods. This traditional approach ensures a strong foundation for language development and prepares children for future academic challenges.

    Scott Foresman

    Scott Foresman

    Scott Foresman is a traditional educational platform encompassing various subjects, including reading and language arts. Its traditional nature lies in its comprehensive and structured approach to education. By focusing on essential topics and employing time-honored teaching methods, Scott Foresman equips children with a well-rounded education, setting them up for success in higher grades.

    5. Classical Education for Kindergarten

    Drawing inspiration from ancient teaching methods, classical education is all about nurturing wisdom, virtue, and critical thinking. This method focuses on the “three stages of learning”: grammar, logic, and rhetoric, catering to the natural stages of a child’s development.

    Classical Conversations

    classical conversations

    Classical Conversations offers a classical kindergarten homeschool curriculum designed to foster a love for learning. Their program emphasizes the three stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric, making it engaging and effective. With a focus on subjects like math, language arts, history, and science, children develop a strong foundation for future education.

    Memoria Press

    Memoria Press

    Memoria Press provides a free and comprehensive kindergarten homeschool curriculum with a classical approach. Their curriculum includes phonics-based reading, basic math skills, and an introduction to history, science, and literature. With an emphasis on memorization and mastery, children gain a solid understanding of fundamental concepts.

    Veritas Press


    Veritas Press offers a user-friendly, cost-free kindergarten homeschool curriculum rooted in classical education. Through their curriculum, children explore the core subjects of language arts, math, history, and science, fostering critical thinking and creativity. Children are well-prepared for future academic success with engaging materials and a systematic approach.

    6. Learn-to-Read Curriculum

    Reading opens a world of knowledge and wonder. Learn-to-read curriculum materials are designed to help your child take their first steps into the magical realm of words. Through phonics, sight words, and engaging stories, your kindergartener will unlock the power of reading.

    Hooked on Phonics

    Hooked On Phonics

    Hooked on Phonics is a comprehensive online program designed to teach children how to read. Utilizing interactive activities and decodable books, the platform offers a structured and engaging approach to developing reading skills. Whether your child is just starting to learn or struggling to keep up, Hooked on Phonics provides valuable resources to improve literacy at various levels.

    Bob Books

    App store page of Bob Books Reading Magic

    Bob Books offers a step-by-step learning experience tailored to guide kindergarteners through the fundamentals of reading. The website’s focus on phonics-based stories helps children build essential reading skills progressively. With a collection of carefully designed materials, Bob Books is an excellent resource for parents and educators to support young readers in their journey toward literacy.



    Starfall is an interactive and educational website that caters to kindergarten learners. It offers a range of phonics activities and reading resources, all carefully designed to make the learning process enjoyable and effective. By engaging with the platform’s interactive content, children can develop their reading abilities and gain confidence in their language skills, setting a solid foundation for future academic success.

    7. Handwriting Curriculum

    The art of writing by hand is still cherished in our digital era. Handwriting curriculum introduces your child to the beauty of forming letters and words on paper. With patience and practice, your little one will develop clear and confident handwriting skills.

    Learning Without Tears

    Learning Without Tears

    Geared toward kindergarten kids, Handwriting Without Tears adopts a multi-sensory approach to teaching handwriting skills. Their curriculum is designed to engage different senses, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. By employing this unique method, children can develop their handwriting abilities with ease and enthusiasm.


    Zaner Bloser Handwriting

    With a primary focus on letter formation and writing fluency, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored for kindergarteners. Through systematic teaching techniques, they equip young students with the skills to write legibly and confidently, setting them up for success in their educational journey.

    Handwriting Success

    Handwriting Success

    Designed specifically for kindergarten learners, Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting introduces a cursive writing curriculum. This specialized approach aims to help children develop an elegant and efficient cursive handwriting style. By starting early, students can master the art of italic handwriting and carry this skill throughout their academic and personal endeavors.

    Each curriculum path offers a unique adventure, allowing you to tailor your child’s learning experience based on their interests and learning style. So, don’t hesitate to mix and match elements from different approaches to create a vibrant, custom-made curriculum that suits your kindergartener perfectly. Remember, the journey is yours to explore, and the destination is a bright and joyful future for your precious little learner.

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    What Do Kindergarteners Learn?

    As we continue on our homeschooling adventure, you might be curious about what exactly your kindergartener will learn. It’s a question that many parents ponder as they embark on this educational journey with their little ones. Let’s see the exciting world of knowledge that awaits your child in kindergarten.

    1. The Magic of Reading and Writing

    In kindergarten, your child will begin to explore the magical world of reading. They’ll learn the alphabet and phonics, understanding how sounds come together to form words. And before you know it, they will happily read simple books with newfound confidence.

    Writing, too, will unfold like a beautiful story. Your kindergartener will practice forming letters, one graceful stroke at a time. From scribbles to legible words, their little hands will dance across the pages, creating their tales.

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    2. Counting and Numbers

    A kid counting on fingers

    Numbers are the building blocks of mathematics, and kindergarten is where the fun begins! Your child will dive into counting, recognizing numbers, and understanding their order. They’ll play with shapes, explore patterns, and unlock the mysteries of basic addition and subtraction – all while having a blast!

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    3. The Wonders of Nature and Science

    Remember the nature-based curriculum we explored earlier? Kindergarten is the perfect time for young minds to marvel at the wonders of the natural world. From observing plants and animals to learning about weather and seasons, your child will discover the beauty of science right at their fingertips.

    4. Exploring the World Around Them

    Kindergarteners are like little explorers, eager to know more about the world they live in. They’ll journey through geography, discovering continents, countries, and cultures. They’ll learn about community helpers and understand people’s roles in making the world a better place.

    5. Creativity and Artistic Expression

    Kid drawing while lying on the floor

    Imagination takes flight in kindergarten! From drawing colorful masterpieces to exploring music and movement, your child’s creativity will soar. They’ll have the freedom to express themselves and discover the artist within.

    6. Social Skills and Friendship Building

    Kindergarten is a time of growth beyond academics. Your child will develop essential social skills, learning to share, take turns, and make friends. They’ll understand the importance of kindness and empathy, blossoming into compassionate individuals.

    7. Embracing Curiosity and Critical Thinking

    Curiosity is the spark that ignites a lifelong love for learning. Kindergarteners are naturally curious beings, and they’ll ask a million questions at this stage. Encourage their inquisitive nature, for it is through questioning that critical thinking takes root.

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    What to Look for in a Kindergarten Curriculum?

    “What is the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum?” It’s a question that sails through the minds of many parents eager to provide the best learning experience for their children. Fret not! Let’s see what you should look for when choosing a kindergarten curriculum that suits your child like a snugly fit glove.

    1. Embracing Your Child’s Interests

    Every child is like a unique puzzle piece with their passions and interests. When searching for a kindergarten curriculum, consider what makes your little one’s eyes sparkle. Whether they adore nature, love storytelling, or have a flair for numbers, finding a curriculum that aligns with their interests will set the stage for enthusiastic learning.

    2. A Balance of Subjects

    Like a hearty meal, a well-rounded curriculum nourishes young minds. Seek a kindergarten curriculum introducing essential subjects like reading, math, science, social studies, and the arts. Each subject contributes to your child’s growth and development, creating a balanced educational feast.

    3. Learning Through Play

    Kindergarten is a time for playful exploration. Look for a curriculum that weaves learning and play together seamlessly. Hands-on activities, games, and creative projects will keep your child engaged and excited to learn. After all, who said education can’t be filled with laughter and joy?

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    4. Flexibility and Customization

    Your child is a one-of-a-kind learner, and their curriculum should reflect that. Seek a flexible kindergarten curriculum, allowing you to adapt and customize lessons to suit your child’s pace and learning style. Embrace the freedom to explore, modify, and create a personalized learning journey.

    5. Age-Appropriate Challenges

    Challenges in the land of learning should be just suitable for your child’s age and developmental stage. A kindergarten curriculum that gently stretches their abilities without overwhelming them will foster a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

    6. Teaching Methodologies

    Take a peek under the curriculum’s hood to understand its teaching methodologies. Whether it’s phonics-based reading instruction, hands-on math activities, or inquiry-based science, ensure that the methods resonate with your child’s learning preferences.

    7. Support for Parents

    Homeschooling is a team effort; you are your child’s first teacher. Seek a kindergarten curriculum that provides support and resources for parents. Guidance on lesson planning, progress tracking, and additional learning materials can be valuable tools on your homeschooling voyage.

    As you look for the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum, remember that the journey is as important as the destination. So, let your child’s curiosity and interests steer the ship, and embrace the thrill of finding the perfect kindergarten curriculum that sets your young learner on a course toward a bright and beautiful future!


    You might be thinking, “What’s in store for my kindergartener?” Well, get ready for an exciting journey! Their kindergarten curriculum will open doors to a world of knowledge – from the joy of reading to playful exploration. Follow their interests, cherish every moment, and see their confidence grow like a shining sun.

    A well-rounded curriculum will nurture their curiosity and foster critical thinking. Trust your instincts as their first teacher, and watch them soar like a majestic bird. Homeschooling offers boundless possibilities. So, let joy be your wind, love be your anchor, and set sail on this unforgettable adventure – a journey of learning and love that will shape their hearts and minds for a lifetime!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is homeschooling kindergarten difficult for parents without teaching experience?

    Homeschooling kindergarten can be a rewarding experience, even for parents without formal teaching backgrounds. Many curriculum options provide clear guidelines, and resources are available to support parents in their role as educators.

    Can I combine different curriculum approaches for my kindergartener?

    Absolutely! Combining elements from various curriculum approaches allows for a personalized learning journey that caters to your child’s interests and learning style.

    How can I ensure my kindergartener socializes with peers while homeschooling?

    Homeschoolers can participate in co-op groups, sports, playdates, and community activities to provide opportunities for social interaction and friendship building.

    What if my child struggles with certain subjects during kindergarten homeschooling?

    It’s natural for children to face challenges. As a homeschooling parent, you can offer additional support, use creative teaching methods, or seek external resources to help your child overcome difficulties and grow at their own pace.

    Amy Gill
    Amy Gill is a Contributing Editor at SplashLearn. As a former teacher, she likes to write about education reforms, edtech and how to make learning more fun for children.

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