Eleven – Definition with Examples

What is Number Eleven? 

In mathematics, the number 11 represents a quantity or value of 11. 

The whole number between 10 and 12 is 11. The number name of 11 is eleven. 

Number 11 Number Name 11 Eleven 11 Base Ten

11 is 1 more than 10. 

Here are 11 candies and 11 dogs.

eleven things around us
Fun Facts
1. 11 is an odd number.
2. 11 is the smallest two-digit prime number.
3. 11 is the fourth number that stays the same when turned upside down after 0, 1, and 8.
4. The number formed by reversing the digits of a multiple of 11 is also a multiple of 11.  For instance, 123,456,789 × 11 = 1,358,024,679  → 9,764,208,531 ÷ 11 = 887,655,321

let's sing Let’s sing!

Eleven little mice,
Dug a hole in the ice
To store eleven grains of rice
Through the winters of snow and ice!

let's do it Let’s do it!

Children can be asked to observe or count things around them that are eleven in number. You can ask your child to note the pattern in the multiples of 11.Instead of handing out number worksheets to your child, you can discuss various facts related to number eleven such as the number of players in a cricket, soccer or American football team, the depth (in thousand meters) of the ocean floor at Mariana Trench, the name of the first spacecraft to land on the Moon, or the number of points in the star-shaped base of the Statue of Liberty in New York.  

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