One – Definition with Examples

What is Number One?

In mathematics, the number 1 represents a single entity, a quantity or value of 1. The whole number between 0 and 2 is 1. The number name of 1 is one.

Number 1 Number Name One; One 1 Finger

Little Riri is showing 1 finger.

Here is 1 balloon, 1 lion, and 1 moon.

One 1 Thing Around Us
Fun Facts
1. 1 is a natural number.
2. 1 is odd number.
3. 1 is neither a prime number nor a composite number.
4. 1 is the only factor of 1.
5. Any whole number multiplied or divided by 1 remains the same.

let's sing Let’s sing!

One  little funny clown,
Wears one shiny crown.
He dances around one town,
One skip, one hop and a turn around.

let's do it Let’s do it!

Children can be asked to observe or count things around them that are one in number. For instance, you can ask your child to name the parts of the body that are one in number.  

Instead of giving your child number worksheets, you can ask them to observe and name the things in their room that are one in number.

Number 1 Real Life Activity

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