Three – Definition with Examples

What is Number Three? 

In mathematics, the number 3 represents a quantity or value of 3. 

The whole number between 2 and 4 is 3. The number name of 3 is three. 

Number 3 Number Name Three Three 3 Fingers

Little Riri is showing 3 fingers. 

Here are 3 balloons, 3 kittens, and 3 shamrocks.

Three Things Around Us
Fun Facts
1. 3 is a natural number.
2. 3 is an odd number.
3. 3 is a prime number.
4. There are 3 primary colors namely – red, yellow, and blue.

let's sing Let’s sing!

Three little kittens running around a tree,
Round and round, on a spree.
One circle, two circles, and circle three.
Look at them mew with so much glee!

let's do it Let’s do it!

Children can be asked to observe or count things around them that are three in number. Instead of handing out number worksheets to your child, show them books and encyclopedias to discuss facts such as an octopus has three hearts or that the Earth is planet number three from the sun. You can also ask your child to pick three of their favorite fruits. 

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